Old Town

First thing for you to write in you sightseeing plan of Riga is the old town of Riga with cobbled street labyrinths. Old Riga is the historical center of the right bank of the Daugava, which is considered be founded by Bishop Albert, who in year 1201 moved his residence from Ikšķile to Riga and started his own camp and  established a city. Old Riga is unique part of the city, which has been included in UNESCO world heritage list. A walk along the winding streets goes past over 150 historical and architectural monuments, the oldest from the 13th century.A tour by foot is the  best way to see these districts. The tourist offices offers complete guided tours with detailed descriptions of many sightseeing tours, free pamphlets for independent walks. These walks cover the old town and the nearby city centre sights. If you want to see other parts of the Riga there are alternative tours on bike and on foot are also available, as well as a free city tour that runs everyday from St Peters Church at 12:00. Old Riga is a part of the city which hardly sleeps in any time of the year.

Freedom Monument

The Freedom Monument is located in the Latvian capital Riga, the Freedom Boulevard, near the Old City. This is Latvian national symbol of freedom, called also as "Milda", the 42-metre tall statue is a symbol of Latvia’s freedom and independence. Freedom monument, was built by public donations and it was officially unveiled in the 18th November, 1935. Monument has The guard of honor  and The honour guard changes shifts every hour on the hour from 09.00 to 18.00.

Riga castle

Riga castle is a medieval castle, the residence of the President of Latvia, located in Riga by the Daugava River. Livonian Order Castle built just before around the year 1350, in the 1484 was destroyed, and in the 1515 was built from scratch. When Latvia became an independent country, Riga castle became the residence of the President of Latvia. During the Soviet period in the castle there was a Pioneer Castle and various museums, but after the restoration of Latvian independence the castle was restored.Riga castle is a National architectural monument, one of the dominants of Old Town, one of the finest medieval castles in Latvia.

Powder tower

Powder Tower, formerly called the Sand Tower, is Powder Tower in Riga, Latvia. Pulver tower was built probably around the turn of 15/16 century. The tower has suffered several times and has been restored. Powder has never been round and sealed tower, but horseshoe shaped with the open side looking to the city. Entrance to the tower was located 5 metres above the street and then in tower you could only get by the stairs. This is a national architectural monument located in the Old Town and is one of the Latvian War Museum shells. Tower diameter is 14.3 m, height - 25.5 m and wall thickness of approximately 3 m.


Saeima building was built in the 1867 as the house of the Vidzeme Knighthood Vidzeme Knighthood. House was built in the historicist style, but the building itself was the inspiration of the Florentine Renaissance palace architecture.  After the First World War building was used by the People's Council and the Government of LSPR.  Since 1993 building is home for Latvian Parliament.

House of Blackheads

House of Blackheads - originally the fourteenth century architectural monument, located in Riga Old Town at the Town Hall Square. The building was rebuilt several times, but during World War II destroyed. Today, the House of Blackheads is built from scratch.

Laima watch

Laima clock was built in the 1924 for a practical purpose - to let the people of Riga  make to work on time. In 1936 „Laima” confectionery company decorated clock with it`s name and logo. After World War II watch for many years was used as a political information booth. In the 1999 the "Laima" clock was renovated, updating the look of that seen in the thirties. Now the area by the Laima clock is one of the most popular meeting places for the inhabitants of Riga and Riga guests.

Riga Radio and TV Tower

Riga Radio and TV Tower (also known as Zaķusala television tower) is a continuous free-standing metal tower in the Latvian capital Riga. Tower height of 368.5 meters and it is not only the highest in the Baltic States but also in the European Union and the third highest in Europe. Television Tower observation deck is 97 metres above ground, and from it you can see the Riga center and other parts of the city.Tower construction began during the 1979 and the physical construction was completed in  1984, however, only in December,1985 the tower was launched in test mode broadcasting television.

Riga central market

If you are tired of traditional sightseeing tours in Riga then a godd solution is to go down to Riga Central market. Riga Central market is noticeable for its huge hangars, built from parts of actual zeppelin hangars bought for the market in 1920. The market has large open-air area. It deals mostly in fresh food and is a good place for fresh local fruit and vegetables. There are also many huts selling cheap clothing and accessories. Also you can buy vegetables in the night.Riga central market is beloved with tourists by cheap cigarettes, most of which are speculated to be contraband.

Mezaparks& Riga zoo

Mezaparks is a pleasant park area on the outskirts of Riga. Mežaparks neighborhood has a total area of 11.821 km ², which  ranks it among the greatest of Riga city neighborhoods. There are large, beautiful residential houses once inhabited by Riga's  elite during the summers in pre-war days. They were lowered during Soviet times but many are now being refurbished, repainted, and brought back to their original glory.

Riga Zoo is a city-owned zoo in Riga and it is located in Mežaparks and it is the oldest zoo in Baltic states. Riga Zoo houses around 3000 animals of nearly 500 species and is has 250-300,000 visitors annually.

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